My daughter Addy came up with this mug design because she is always talking about being positive and finding the beauty in others. She wants people to find the value and beauty in themselves as well!

Addy decided to donate more than 50% of her profits to the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.


Here's her story...

When she was 8 years old she was diagnosed with Scoliosis. She had a good size curve in her spine and was so afraid. Her doctor at Children's Hospital wanted to start out with a night time back brace. If that didn't do the trick, she would move to a full time brace and possibly surgery. Well, Addy is very motivated to wear that night time back brace every night, even though it sometimes hurts and is uncomfortable so she hopefully wouldn't have to have surgery. She got fitted, chose her cheetah print design and got her brace the night before we left for Disney.


She has been going to her doctor every three months to get a new scan and measurements and will continue to do so for the next several growing years. 

Addy is fortunate and blessed, if this is the worst that happens to her then she is a lucky girl. This ended up to not be serious, but in the mind of a 8 year old it was still scary.


Since Children's Hospital of Wisconsin helped her, she wants to do something to help them. That's how her heart works. 


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